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Our boxing classes focuses on the fundamentals of boxing. Proper footwork, snap, slipping techniques, hand placement etc. Boxing is an excellent and efficient form of exercise when performed correctly. It is a great form of cardio workout, builds stamina, burns fat, strengthens core muscles and improves footwork. in addition, it is a great skill applicable to self-defense.
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Body sculpting

The body sculpting programs at Pinnacle International Fitness incorporates various forms of fitness. This includes boxing, weight training, weight loss training and High-Intensity-Interval-Training.
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Weight Loss

We help our clients reach their desired weight loss goals through contemporary methods. “High-Intensity-Intevrval-Training” is the most effective method used to attain weight loss in a relatively short period of time. Boot-camps and aerobics are also included to insure maximum results. We at Pinnacle International Fitness try to be creative and innovative with our weight-loss programs. This not only stimulates fat burning, it also keeps the workouts fun and exciting for our clients.
Weight training

Weight Training

The equipment and weight training programs at Pinnacle International Fitness will drastically transform your body.  Whether it is bodybuilding for aesthetics, strength building or powerlifting. Our knowledgable trainers will develop a tailor-made program for you to achieve your strength training goals
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Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training at Pinnacle International Fitness focuses on functional, Sports-specific training. The goal of this program is to make a client more dynamic, explosive and functionally efficient. By doing this, we maximize  a client’s athletic potential. The focus of this training is to improve linear speed, lateral speed and quickness, agility quickness, coordination, foot quickness,  jumping ability, explosion, general power  output and strength. Whether it is soccer, American football, Rugby, Track and field, boxing,  basketball and more. We have you covered!
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