About us: Pinnacle international fitness is conveniently located at 145 Adetokunbo Ademola crescent in Wuse 2. Since the inception of our gym in August 2015, we have been able to introduce advanced and contemporary methods of exercising. These methods are imperative because the fitness Industry is constantly evolving. In addition to our training regiment, we pride ourselves in having top-grade equipment from known brands to help our clients achieve their various fitness goals.

  • Our fitness center is located at 145 Adetokunbo Ademola crescent, Wuse 2. It is a prime location in Abuja.
  • We have 24 hour security and an alternative but reliable power supply within the compound.
  • We have several professional trainers that implement challenging and innovative programs that is sure to help our clients achieve their fitness goals.
  • Quality of equipment is important to us. Our fitness center has one of the highest grade, modern and cleanest equipment in Abuja.
Mission statement: Pinnacle international fitness was established to provide innovative and contemporary methods of physical exercise for men, women, athletes and older teenagers. In addition to physical exercise, Pinnacle international fitness also aims to transform the body from within with the use of dietary supplements and implementing a tailor-made nutrition plan.

Our Programs

1) Aerobics

2) Weight lifting

3) Boxing

4) Personal training

5) Weight loss programs

6) Body sculpting

7) Athletic training

8) Body building 

9) Nutrition planning 

10) Power lifting 

11) kick boxing classes

12) Group training

13) Weekend boot camps 


"I like the level of personal interaction, instruction detail and form.Here the instructor takes him time, shows me how to do it the right way, doesn't let me do it the wrong way. I feel like I've come a long way on just a month."
"I've been at pinnacle for 4 months and I feel like I've transformed to something else. I look at my self at the mirror in the morning and say wow is this me? i wish you could see the old me and the new me. Everyone would be amazed and run down to Pinnacle."
"The differentiating factor that separates pinnacle from other gyms is the definitely professionalism expertise the trainers come with. They definitely know their stuff, and it makes it so much better and so much more interactive. It makes it so much easier to see results and to get better."
"My first aim was to get in my ideal wedding weight which I achieved. It was very effective. I said what I needed and they structured the programs to suit what I wanted and far exceeded the goal."
"What makes pinnacle stand out from other gyms are the one on one training sessions. Each trainer has their own way work out sessions. So you get a taste and there is a variety. And they always push you to go beyond your comfort zone .its effective for you to get results."
"I definitely would recommend this gym to other ppl just because of the quality of training that you get. Here, they give you direction and purpose towards your goal."
"I've seen a lot of results, most especially in my tummy. I use to have pot belly, now you can see me showing my six packs. That's pinnacle."
"At pinnacle, you get so much attention, so much help. There's always someone around to put you through everything. You can never be alone. There is always someone around to make sure you don't get hurt and you do everything right to get the proper results."

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According to researchers in the national institute of health, exercise decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. Studies have shown that it helps the body's immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections. Exercising frequently helps to flush bacteria. It releases antibodies and white blood cells and detect illnesses earlier than they might normally occur.