We at Pinnacle international fitness pride ourselves in our members achieving their personal fitness goals. A conscious effort is made to make our facility the cleanest and most comfortable in order to make it conducive to achieve these fitness goals. We emphasize catering to each member as an individual and not just a number. It is imperative that we update our personal training routines to the newest but proven concepts and exercises. Innovative but effective routines is the the philosophy by which we stand by.

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from a weight loss program client

At pinnacle you're not just slacking, you're working and feeling the burn.
You should sign up at pinnacle if you want proper results on time. You can go to other places of you just want to play around.

from a boxing training client

"The boxing routine is excellent and superb, I've never been to a gym like pinnacle."
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from a boxing training client

"The results are evident in my endurance, stamina and my general fighting ability. Especially my footwork; the training we have been doing to coordinate my foot and handwork has really helped my coordination."

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According to researchers in the national institute of health, exercise decreases your chances of developing heart disease, osteoporosis and cancer. Studies have shown that it helps the body's immune system fight off simple bacterial and viral infections. Exercising frequently helps to flush bacteria. It releases antibodies and white blood cells and detect illnesses earlier than they might normally occur.